Crystal Singing bowls Care Guide

Our Crystal Singing bowls are 99.99% high pure quartz crystal and we are committed to providing our customer with a 100% satisfactory shopping experience.

Crystal Singing bowls can be used for many different purposes such as:

  • Chakra aligning and cleansing
  • Eliminating negative energy
  • Helping to balance the energy centres of the body
  • Transmitting positive energy
  • Space clearing
  • Raising the vibration 
  • Aura cleansing
  • Clearing crystals
  • Chakra balance
  • Meditation and chanting
  • Musical composition
  • Sound bath and relaxation

How to Play Crystal Singing Bowl for Beginners:  

  1. Holding the Crystal Singing bowl: Always place the rubber ring at the base while playing the bowl. Strike the bowl very softly then play the bowl with gradually increasing the speed. To minimise the risk of breakage do not over strike or strike at one point every time.

  2. Mallet Position: It is very important to make sure that when you play the singing bowl only the soft area of the mallet should touch the bowl. For an instance, if you are using rubber mallet only the rubber section of the mallet should touch the rim of the bowl not the wooden part. At Peace Eye Trade, we include a free mallet of the right size and type with every crystal singing bowl.

  3. Playing the singing bowl: Hold the mallet like you hold a pen. The grip should be firm and comfortable. Always play the bowl on the outside of the bowl giving the right amount of pressure.

  4. Striking the bowl: Gently tap the outer side of a singing bowl to activate the bowl. Striking the bowl with your mallet in an upwards direction will produce a golden/resonant tone.

  5. Practice:Practice and play with it. Set aside atleast 10-15 minutes to play your crystal singing bowl and explore its tones. We hope that whichever singing bowl you choose it will bring you peace, joy and comfort.

  6. Cleaning: Use cold water with a soft preferably white cloth to clean the bowl. Do not use any chemicals as it may stain the bowl. Gently clean the bowl and do not scrub.


Some useful tips to avoid breaking crystal singing bowls are:

  • Remove jewellery when playing the singing bowls
  • when handling the bowls, please be mindful and fully focus on bowl
  • Always put the rubber ring as a base while playing a bowl. You may place the ring on a hard surface or a carpet
  • The outer rim and the bottom are the most delicate part of the bowl
  • Always take extra care when transporting them