How to Play a Singing bowl

Singing bowls are widely used for mediation, sound therapy, sound massage, yoga, reiki, space clearing, and in Feng shui. Singing bowls produces a joyful and soothing sound when they are hit, tapped, struck or rubbed by a striker or mallet. It generates a harmonic sound for sound therapy and chakra healing. This vibration is used to reduce stress, initiate healing and induce tranquil silence. It is perfect for when you want time to relax and meditate.

In Sound Meditation, a range of Tibetan Singing bowls, Crystal Singing bowls, Tingshas, Dream Harp and other traditional healing musical instruments are used to create divine sounds. These musical intervals trigger rhythmical consistent firing patterns of certain auditory neurons, and take you to a state of deep meditation (Theta Brain Waves) feeling refreshed, balanced and restored.

Some Benefits of Sound Meditation:
 Promotes deep relaxation and improves sleep
 Deeply rejuvenating
 Reduces stress and anxiety
 Increases the ability to move through emotional blockages
 Calms and balances internal energies
 Uplifts your personal vibration
 Enhances one's ability to dream, listen, and focus
 A great tool for self-inquiry

Tibetan Singing bowls also known as Himalayan bowls are perhaps the simplest and most powerful sound tool to incorporate in your self-care routine. If you are a beginner and looking to purchase one then this post is for you.

How to Play Singing Bowl for Beginners:  

  1. Holding the Singing bowl: Place the Singing Bowl on your palm straight and open your fingers wide and open. When you are holding a singing bowl, make sure that the palm is flat.
  1. Mallet Size: It is very important to make sure that you play the singing bowl with the right size mallet or striker. At Peace Eye Trade, we include a free mallet of the right size with every singing bowl.
  1. Holding the mallet: Hold the mallet like you hold a pen. The grip should be firm and comfortable.
  1. Striking the bowl: Gently tap the outer side of a singing bowl to activate the bowl. Striking the bowl with your mallet in an upwards direction will produce a golden/resonant tone.

  2. Rubbing and playing the singing bowl: Place the striker at an angle of around 45 degrees at the outer rim of the singing bowl touching one point. Do not lose that point and start rubbing around the singing bowl slowly and apply the pressure from your fingers onto the rim. Relax and keep applying pressure consistently until you are able to generate the resonant sound.
  1. Practice: Practice and play with it. Set aside atleast 10-15 minutes to play your singing bowl and explore its tones. We hope that whichever singing bowl you choose it will bring you peace, joy and comfort. For bigger singing bowls you can also use your hand or gong felt mallet to generate the pure deep sound that assist you to take you into the meditative state.