Singing bowl Tibetan Authentic
Tibetan Singing bowl meditation
Singing bowl Genuine Himalayan
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Singing Bowl-14.5 cm-Handmade

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Singing Bowls or Himalayan Bowls or Chakra Bowls are widely used for meditation, sound therapy, sound massage, healing, space clearing, and Feng Shui instruments.
Singing Bowls produces a joyful and soothing singing sound when they are hit, tapped, struck or rubbed by a singing bowls wooden striker/mallet or dowel. It generates a harmonic sound for Sound Therapy and chakra healing. This vibration is used to reduce stress, initiate healing and induce tranquil silence. It is perfect for when you want time to relax and meditate.

A singing bowl is played by resting the bowl in the flat of the hand and rotating the stick around the outer rim of the bowl. This produces a vibration that creates a hum, which is the essence of the bowl. This natural and harmonious sound emitted by the singing bowl is used to invoke a state of deep relaxation, which assists meditation, the ultimate goal of which is enlightenment. They are a vital aid to meditation and are found in Buddhist monasteries and temples around the world.

Diameter: approx. 14.5 cm

Weight: approx. 565 grams

Height of Bowl: approx. 7 cm

Outer Rim thickness: approx. 4 mm

Type: Hand made

Made in Nepal

The set includes 14.5 cm singing bowl, a mallet, carry pouch and a donut cushion.